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TCS Tracking Courier:

TCS can be regarded as one of the largest logistics company in Pakistan as of today with perhaps the largest on ground and air cargo network facilitating both local and international courier and logistics services with industry leading lead times.

However what is now a logistics behemoth can have its humble roots traced back to its origin and inception, a humble courier company that began its operations in 1983. WIth a passion for improvement and integrating technology at heart right from the very start, TCS Tracking quickly grew to include air cargo, international hubs in developed countries, warehousing, printshops, Financial and E services, advisory, state of the art monitoring and real time tracking systems. Moreover, TCS Courier was the first courier company to collaborate with the international giant UPS and also introduce industry leading revolutionary services like Cash on delivery and Haazir quick delivery services.

The shape, form and infrastructure that Pakistan’s logistics industry has today can be largely attributed to the feats and milestones accomplished by TCS courier early on and to date TCS continues to serve as an integral backbone of the logistical network established and operating in Pakistan.

TCS tracking was an industry leader and with technology integration and innovation at heart, it continued to take long strides to remain the leader. At a time when its competition was barely struggling to even manage and minimize end to end delivery times, TCS was miles ahead. Not only had they cracked the code to time efficient and cost effective courier services, they had started to work on making the courier tracking more transparent and real time for the consumer.

TCS tracking real time tracking works simply and is a game changer in that people are able to monitor where their parcel currently is in the courier channel. All you have to do is visit https://www.tcsexpress.com/track and enter your tracking id shared with you on your number or through the portal. Once entered it will give you a detailed real time tracking status as well as a history of where your parcel originated from, who handled it and where it is now with an ETA as well. For business who value time over anything, this is a crucial feature that helps everyone streamline operations efficiently and save money that would otherwise be wasted by not knowing when to expect deliveries.

LCS Tracking – Leopards Courier Tracking (How to Track LCS Parcel):

Since four decades leopards LCS tracking has been serving Pakistan with its excellent services. It started as a small business which delivered posts like letters and other documents but then it evolved into a much larger logistic company. This huge expansion developed leopards LCS into one of the largest logistic as well as Courier Company in Pakistan. It currently operates in more than 2200 destinations globally and deals with almost every industry. From a traditional courier service leopards developed itself into a modern and highly digitalized company which not only increased its efficiency but also added drastic value to the business. Leopards lcs courier has made fast delivery its main mission and has integrated every possible innovation to achieve this aim. Along with courier leopards courier tracking has made its grounds in warehousing and distribution also which has gained them a lot of goodwill.

Leopards courier has a plethora of services to cater the global audience. Their each and every service is designed to help satisfy your each and every need effectively and efficiently. Some of their most famous and useful services include Leopards tracking Bulao, Leopards Overnight, Leopard Box, Leopards tracking International economy, Mera Time Delivery, Leopards warehousing and distribution and much more. The leopard’s attestation service is also one of the most in demand service by leopards courier which helps you to get your document attested and get it delivers to your doorstep. Every service is determined to provide you with ultimate ease and a premium service which not only enhances your experience with leopards but also encourages you to opt leopards again. Leopards courier has always considered customer loyalty as a primary concern and their feedback system is a marvelous source of customer loyalty.

From domestic to international services leopards nails it in every stage of its portfolio. Their brilliant and resilient team along with a vast portfolio enables them to operate brilliantly all across the globe. Their express centers are one of the main source of their speedy service. Their online booking service has also made booking your parcels a piece of cake.

M&P Courier Tracking (How to Track MandP Parcel):

Amongst the behemoths of the logistics industry that sit and rule the industry, At the very top sits the absolute king which is called MnP. Initially starting of as OCS and later becoming MnP (m&p) courier after a series of acquisitions and mergers, it brought the vast knowledge OCS had of the logistics industry and combined it with the fresh and diverse new approach of MnP which led to its inevitable success in the recent few years. Unlike its competitors, M&P courier tracking started off with a well funded budget and quickly put it to use hiring the best intellectual capital and putting it to use in targeted marketing and efficient delivery mechanisms both in hardware and software. This made it an excellent combination of resources and it managed to grow multi fold within a matter of years and it reached where its competitors were in no time. Having an already established name in other industries like pharma and having deep pockets and smart people, MnP courier was able to win the trust of major corporations and existing business networks which helped it grow in no time.

MnP offers a multitude of services starting from overnight and express deliveries, my box and second day deliveries. MnP has focused on providing core logistics and courier services that primarily facilitate the business networks, corporations and modern integrations like COD. MnP has focused solely the core services and perfected them from A to Z achieving an efficient mix of services satisfying all customers needs and at the same time minimizing lead and delivery times as well as minimizing the costs that customers have to pay. SImply perfecting the basic and most widely used operations has made MandP courier the go to option in Pakistan for all courier and logistics related needs if time and cost is a primary issue.

PostEx Courier Tracking – (How to Track Post Ex Parcel):

Postex courier is a modern era courier service which understands the fast paced era very well. Their services are mapped to provide the most of the convenience to you at all times. Postex courier has grown into a well-established courier service in a very little time due to their persistent efforts and execution. Postex tracking covers a lot of crucial services for the growing e-commerce sector. They are constantly adding new services to their portfolio that has made them a customer centered brand in the market. In this era it is important to maintain good global connectivity with high quality and quick services, which postex tracking is determined to provide since its existence. Their commitment to convenience and innovation can be witnessed all across their product lineup. Affordability is another core aspect at postex courier. Their prices will surely provide you with a cost effective experience.

Postex courier offers a wide range of services in Pakistan which are there to bridge the gap between efficient logistics and customer convenience. Their main product is the postex. COD which is a very unique product that offers you cash on delivery service without any tension of delayed payments. This service aims to reduce the cash recovery uncertainty for the consumers. The service is instant and upfront which is the core purpose of this service. Another fabulous service of postex courier is their payment gateway that allows you to send and receive payments form all across the globe. It is aimed to promote ease and reliability for your businesses. This service has many methods to carry out this process. Firstly you can accept card payments through postex tracking. Secondly you can request to pay (R2P). This means that you do not need your own website but rather you can use postex tracking as a secure and seamless medium. You can simply share a link of your merchant portal to the customer after which the customer will only have to fill a simple checkout page and there you go. Your payment is processed. This method allows you to access various customer communication channels easily.

Call Courier Tracking:

Call courier tracking is a very young member of the logistics network operating in Pakistan. However, despite its young age, Call courier has not only managed to establish itself but also grow consistently year over year and mange to establish a brand name and reputation for itself in the presence of behemoths like TCS, Leopards and MnP courier and logistics services. This in itself is a feat of its own and testament to the capabilities and intellectual capital of Call courier tracking.

Call courier tracking has also revolutionized realtime online tracking by integrating android within its infrastructure. By utilizing an existing top notch OS as a backbone for its communications, Call courier tracking has managed to eliminate the need for any expensive internally developed systems and is able to pass on this saving to the customer. This was a first time by anyone at such a gargantuan scale and it proved effective in terms of cost and time as well.

Call courier tracking seems to have no plans of stopping with its innovative developments and fast moving efficient services. It will undoubtedly continue to grow with the recent boom of E-commerce in Pakistan and with its resource savvy approach to growth, it will undoubtedly have some more sustainable courier services ahead.