Zong Ka Sasta Call & Internet Daily Weekly Monthly Package

Zong Ka Sab Say Sasta Call & Zong Internet Package

In the world of the Pakistan Telecom Industry, there exist only 4 giants and they all continue to dominate in their own respective domains. Some have focused towards providing a widespread coverage while some have focused on better and higher quality calls while some are focused towards making mobile plans excellent value for money. In short each company has its own play and take on how it can provide the best service and money’s worth to its customers.

One of the 4 key players in the telecom industry is Zong and it has developed its core competence in providing the highest speed 4G LTE services across the most widespread network in Pakistan. Zong has consistently delivered on its promise to deliver blazing fast 4G LTE speeds consistently across the country and that too at highly competitive prices. Its 4G LTE speeds are the highest ever and customers also prefer Zong network in Pakistan when they want a sim that can satisfy heavy network needs with high speed requirements. Zong also has very efficient and well developed data centric products like Zong Dongle and Mifi devices that can fulfill dedicated hotspot and portable wifi needs on the go.

Zong Sasta Call Packages:

Just like any other network in Pakistan, Zongs most popular product also happens to be its all in one bundle having 3 days, weekly, monthly and 3 monthly validities. These include SMS, off net minutes, on net minutes, Mobile data, Social MBs and Youtube GBs as well to cater to every need you may require from your phone. It’s prices are also quite competitive with top notch service, call quality and mobile data speeds wherever you go.

APart from these, Zong offers dedicated Calling packages with crystal clear HD audio quality to all networks. THese include offnet packages, PTCL calling packages and even Onnet calling packages for a complete peace of mind. Zong also offers international calling bundles. ZOngs calling bundles range from Rs 10 to Rs 1200 depending on intermation calling, off net minutes and overall quantity of minutes.

Zong Sasta Internet Packages:

Zong is most popular in Pakistan due to its Internet packages which combine the best of coverage, speed and affordability. It has worked towards making Zong the most convenient and viable option for everybody’s internet needs. They start from Rs. 1 to Rs 1200 for mobile SIM bundles depending on the GBs and validity. Zong also has options for hot spot, mobile wifi or dongle bundles having extra large 40,60,80, 120 and even higher GBs for validities ranging from a week to as long as 3 months. Zong truly has made its network the easiest and most attractive option amongst others in terms of mobile Data.


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