Virtual University VU Fee Structure & Admissions Programs

Virtual University VU Fee Structure & Admissions Programs

At a time when online learning was not even a coined term yet and when the technology and the concept both were in their infancy came the pioneer of revolutionizing professional level education and degrees; Virtual University.

Virtual University Admission:
Virtual university offers admissions in both Undergraduate/ Bachelors and Masters Programs for local and international/overseas students. Admission in either program is specified in the extensive eligibility criteria which specifies the prerequisites and admission requirements that potential candidates must meet and fulfill. Virtual University is widely known to have an excellent admission criteria which ensures that every candidate has an equal chance of getting access to Virtual University’s state of the art learning infrastructure and valuable degree irrespective of past grades and accolades. The entire admission process is online where you can fill the forms online and attach the required supporting documents seamlessly. THis is particularly useful to people living in remote areas who previously had to travel hundreds of Kilometers just to reach the University for admission formalities and later for the courses. Virtual university has eased this by their online only model.


Fee structure Virtual university has conveniently uploaded its fee schedules on its website and even has an online fee calculator for easy knowledge about how its programs are priced. There are different schedules for Local, Overseas and Disabled students. Much like the top universities in Pakistan, Virtual university follows a fee per credit hour system combined with specific fixed amounts for any outliers and extra curricular. The Fee per credit hour can be multiplied with the credit hours in your course per semester to reach the per semester fees. The pricing is generally on the lower side which makes quality education and empowers individuals even from humble backgrounds to be their best.


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