SSGC Duplicate Bill (Sui Southern Gas Company Limited)

SSGC (Sui Southern Gas Company Limited) is the premier Gas supplying company of Pakistan engaged in the distribution and transmission of Natural gas extracted by various exploration companies in Sui to over 160 regions in the southern region of Pakistan. It is a large scale Public Limited company which is mainly owned by the government.

Apart from the supply and distribution of gas across its vast 4300km long pipeline comprising of both high pressure and low pressure distribution systems across Pakistan, SSGC (Sui Southern Gas Company Limited) is also engaged in the manufacturing of Electrical Meters under license from a French company. These are also exported to a couple of countries which require them and are largely used locally under the MMP Brand.

Sui Southern Gas Company also provides LPG cylinders and Geyser automation devices which not only meet the highest safety and technical specifications requirements and laws but also pack a variety of innovative features at affordable prices making it accessible for all.

SSGC (Sui Southern Gas Company Limited) has made its complaint process, billing, paying bills and other elements of customer service completely human free by introducing their mobile app. The mobile app offers a slew of features which make your everyday life easier and saves you much time from visiting the regional office or talking endless hours on the phone. Not only does it enable you to pay your bills online completely hassle free but also offers a fast and efficient seamless complaint portal where you can log your complaints directly with SSGC. The best feature which the app offers is duplicate bill facility which is much more useful than it sounds. You can say goodbye for good to needing to file all your gas bills in a file and maintaining records as the app automatically does that for you with the added feature of being able to extract the duplicate bill for any prior month that you may need access to. It truly is a simple yet very convenient feature that has surely resolved many issues and crafted any easy customer experience.


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