MAJU (Muhammad Ali Jinnah University) Fee Structure & Admission Program

MAJU (Muhammad Ali Jinnah University) Fee Structure & Admission Program:

Muhammad Ali Jinnah University, more commonly known as MAJU (Muhammad Ali Jinnah University) is a popular university situated in Karachi with a decent campus and integrated hybrid learning models as well. It has been the source of success of many students residing in and outside of Pakistan and can be regarded as one of the larger universities in Pakistan.

MAJU (Muhammad Ali Jinnah University):

MAJU (Muhammad Ali Jinnah University) is perhaps one of the most widely accredited universities in Pakistan with the complete variety of degree programs. If you want to to get admission in MAJU university, you have the option to get admission in Associate degree programs, Undergraduate degree programs, Bachelors Degrees and even Doctorates making it a complete university for your entire professional education.

Students are often to get into MAJU owing to their vast variety of diverse programs offered with a well experienced faculty and the prestige of a credible degree that comes with. MAJU (Muhammad Ali Jinnah University) offers BSc, Accounting and Finance, Computer sciences, science, BS, BE and even advances bio chemistry degrees that are scarce within Pakistan. MAJU admission criteria vary from degree to degree and but can be regarded as fair and just across the board as their requirements are not very high and purely merit based for all admissions.

MAJU (Muhammad Ali Jinnah University Fee Structure:

MAJU has adopted a fairly simple and much acknowledged Per credit hour fee system which starts from 4500 and ranges till 7000 for different degree programs. This has the added benefit of a much more uniform fee rate in total across different degrees hence bridging the gap between different degrees and making it more easier and predictable for the student to pay. MAJU (Muhammad Ali Jinnah University) also offers merit based scholarships for high achievers and financial assistance for multiple types to facilitate well deserving children and provide them a chance at a quality world class education so they can conquer their own paths.


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