KWSB Duplicate Bill Download (Karachi Water & Sewerage Board)

KWSB Duplicate Bill Download (Karachi Water & Sewerage Board)

The Karachi water and sewerage board which is also known as KWSB is a service providing organization that operates for the people of Karachi. KWSB was initially created in 1983 before which it operated with different name under the Karachi development authority and Karachi Metropolitan Corporation at various intervals. It became a separate entity in 1983 after which it was able to approve itself annual budget form the government. KWSB was established with the aim to provide uninterrupted supply of clean water to the residents of Karachi. There tremendous efforts and modernistic infrastructure has enabled them to achieve this aim successfully from past several decades. Every year KWSB spends a huge budget on improving its service and making the access to clean water more reachable for the people of Karachi.

They are responsible for several tasks like the production, processing and distribution of water to the households and industry in Karachi. There flawless services are always applauded by the people of Karachi. Out of the various services which are launched by KWSB till now, there duplicate bill service is a remarkable addition to the portfolio. KWSB offers this service online through their official website where you can apply for your duplicate bill in case your original bill is misplaced or not delivered to you. To apply for your duplicate bill you just have to enter your reference number or consumer number. If you do not have it you will have to see it form an old copy of KWSB bill. After entering this your KWSB bill will be generated and you can download it easily and pay it online or at any bank. If there is still any issue persisting so you can call the helpline for KWSB which is 99230317. There helpline is available 24/7 and you can get various information through it.


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