KE Duplicate Bill Online KESC K-Electric Unit Price

KE Duplicate Bill Online KESC K-Electric Unit Price

K-electric, formerly known as KESC, KE and now K-electric is a public company which has a monopoly for several decades now in the supply, distribution and transmission of Electricity to the entire Karachi city, Dhabeji, Gharo as well as Uthar, Vindal and Bela in Balochistan.

K-Electric holds a unique position in the power generation industry as it is one of the only power companies that enjoys complete vertical integration meaning K-Electric is involved in the generation as well as transmission and distribution as well placing it as the key company in the city’s Power infrastructure. Apart from its core activity, K-Electric has also recently launched it’s solar initiative for Karachi under the KE Solar brand. KE Solar mainly provides the net metering service which means KE buys the electricity produced by small scale and residential solar setups and inturn supplies them KE electricity and charges them the net amount.

K-Electric has proven to be very resourceful and innovative in the way it operates and has continually integrated the latest technology, innovations and modern software’s and hardware’s to overcome challenges and become all the more efficient. One such initiative is the KE live app which completely eliminates the need for extra time and humans in the daily routine customer service tasks like complaints, duplicate bills, bill payments, change of name or credentials, new requests and much more. Perhaps the most useful tool in the KE live app is the duplicate bill facility. You can simply log on to KE Live app with your login and Password and select the duplicate bill option to extract the duplicate bill for any month you may need. It completely eliminates the need to maintain a physical record of bills which you need to keep around and occupy space. Even if you lose your bill you can timely get another one before your due date comes.


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